Lumineers Philadelphia

Lumineers® are a kind of veneer that is made to apply more easily than traditional dental veneers. Each are made from a material called carinate, a strong, durable porcelain. The application requires only a small amount of bonding material to cement the veneer to the enamel. This is because the prosthetic is made so thin, shortening the veneer process overall and letting our dentists more quickly give you a brighter, better smile.

Advanced Family Smiles is a Lumineers certified practice. Since we opened our office in 1996, we have been using these advanced procedures to provide patients with an alternative to traditional veneers and other restorative and cosmetic prosthetics. Lumineers require no topical or oral anesthetics, sedation, or invasive surgical procedures to get you the beautiful smile you want. With proper maintenance and care, each Lumineers prosthetic can last up to 20 years, keeping its appearance and showing little erosion or wear. Our dental providers will make sure the Lumineers are applied just right and appear satisfactory to each patient. Learn more about Lumineers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and call 215-637-7474 to schedule an appointment. Our dental team can answer any questions you may have about treatment and determine whether Lumineers are the best fit for your cosmetic or restorative needs.