Wondering when to bring you child in? As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first dental appointment at around age one. The following steps describe how their appointment will typically go:

  1. Our friendly dental team will welcome your child as they enter our office.
  2. Our dentists will go over your family/child’s medical history.
  3. Additional questions may be asked concerning the child’s tooth development, diet, or dental habits.
  4. The dentists and team member on hand will provide and demonstrate dental care tips for keeping your child’s teeth healthy.
  5. Our dentists will examine your child’s teeth, most likely in the presence of a parent or guardian.
  6. The dentists will disclose and recommend home-care tips or in-office treatment based on the examination.
  7. Advanced Family Smiles will offer a dental timeline and schedule your child’s next visit.

Our dental providers will do their best to address any concerns parents may have about our procedures and treatment. Our office is child-friendly and does its best to accommodate you and your family’s needs. Learn what steps we take to make your child’s appointment as comfortable as possible and schedule their first dental visit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 215-637-7474.