Advanced Family Smiles provides long-lasting composite dental fillings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Composite, or tooth-colored, fillings fit in naturally with your existing teeth. The material restores the tooth to its full shape and can be matched to the color of the surrounding teeth, for a normal, everyday appearance.

When teeth have cracks, fractures, or mild forms of decay, dental fillings can quickly address these issues. Your filling will most likely be placed in a single day. Our dentists will examine and clean the tooth before planting the filling material. Depending on the reason for the filling, our dentists may also need to remove infected dental tissue. Advanced Family Smiles may also recommend fillings to close large gaps between teeth. We recommend meeting with our dental team to see how dental fillings can best address your individual dental needs.

Fillings are often the best procedure for repairing routine tooth damage or abnormalities. Our dental providers will help you determine which treatment will be most effective, whether that be a filling or another restorative option. Contact us at 215-637-7474, to schedule a restorative procedure with our dentists. Our office is ready and able to help restore your smile with our professional services and dental team.