Want a practice you can trust for child dentistry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Children’s teeth are especially at risk for dental decay, but there are many ways in which parents and dentists can work together to reduce this risk.

At-Home Care

Parents should take steps to ensure their child’s dental and oral health. A well-balanced diet that limits sugar intake and excessive snacking will help strengthen your child’s teeth and contain bacteria growth that can lead to infection or decay. Parents should also have their children drink plenty of water and avoid hard candies that expose their teeth to sugar for long periods of time.

Adults should also take care to clean any items that regularly come in contact with their child’s mouth. These may include teething appliances, eating utensils, pacifiers, or sippy cups. The use of pacifier should also be restrained, as they—along with thumb-sucking habits—can interfere with the eruption and alignment of the teeth.

Just like with older patients, regular brushing and flossing can keep your child out of the dental chair. dentists recommend flossing as soon as adjacent teeth emerge. For brushing, a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is safe to use on young children.

In the Office

Regular visits to the dental office can keep your child’s dental health in check. Our dental providers will examine, clean and diagnose depending on each patient’s needs. Fluoride might also be prescribed or applied to the surface of the enamel, to help further protect your child’s teeth. Schedule a consultation at 215-637-7474 and learn how Advanced Family Smiles can help secure your child’s present and future smile.