Keeping on top of dental health is important for maintaining you and your family’s overall health. Regular visits with Dr. Jay Patel, Dr. Kanak Trivedi and Dr. Dilip Dudhat can help prevent a host of diseases and oral complications. Our dentists will not only monitor and treat any caries or tooth damage but will also strive to educate patient’s on how to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Whether you need information on your own treatment, would like to practice better dental habits, or would like to know how to care for your child’s teeth, Advanced Family Smiles will provide you with material and resources.

Both teeth and gums are prone to bacteria growth. Our practice works together with patients to prevent infection. When symptoms do appear, dental team will step in to provide treatment and follow-up, no matter the patient or procedure. Whether you are looking to keep yourself or your child, our professionals will treat patients both young and old. With the help of our office’s dental care, patients of all ages can keep their mouth healthy. Reach out to our dental team at 215-637-7474 and see how we can help you prevent everything from gum disease to run-of-the-mill cavities, with disease prevention and dental cleanings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.