Sealants can help protect teeth that are particularly vulnerable to dental decay. With the proper maintenance, they last many years. If you have sealants, make sure to have our dentists, Dr. Jay Patel, Dr. Kanak Trivedi and Dr. Dilip Dudhat, check for signs of cracks, damage, or wear to the material.

Made of a plastic resign, sealants form a barrier between teeth and food particles or bacteria growth. If teeth have deep crevices or pockets, this material can fill in and smooth the surface of the teeth. The treatment makes at-home dental habits—like brushing—more effective. The sealants are coated on in thin layers, with a material that blends in with the tooth’s natural coloring. Most often the material is applied to the back molars, which have the deepest grooves and are most susceptible to cavities.

Young children are the ones most likely to need sealants—though, depending on the state of the teeth, older patients may be prescribed this treatment. Each tooth’s application usually only takes a few minutes: the area is cleaned and dried, the dentists apply a bonding solution, the teeth are cleaned again, and then an automatic or light-exposed sealant is ossified onto the tooth.

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