With the help of dental technology, our dental team can monitor and provide immediate treatment for each patient. Left unsupervised, mild or moderate decay and develop into severe disorders. Once a particular disorder had advanced too far, often the only option left is to remove the affected tooth, teeth or gum tissue. While our practice provides many restorative treatments and prosthetics for patients, we want to avoid such measures. Our digital dental X-rays can reveal many potential problems areas, including:

  • Loss of tooth or bone structure
  • Position and alignment of the teeth below the gum line
  • Tooth decay not visible to the naked eye, either within or between teeth
  • Periodontal issues or signs of gum disease
  • Cysts, bumps, or sores liable to infection
  • The site of a benign or non-benign tumor

Digital X-rays provide safe, high-quality images for our dental team. Depending on your individual needs, our dentists will conduct X-ray and other dental exams in the comfort of our office. Schedule an exam and experience high-quality care thanks to our accurate digital imaging and dental X-rays in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our professional team will be sure to give you the quality care you expect, with the quality dental experience at Advanced Family Smiles.