Besides dental fillings and crowns, Advanced Family Smiles also offers patients the option of dental bridges in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If a tooth has been lost due to injury or accident, or are removed due to decay or infection, bridges may be the best restorative solution.

Getting a dental bridge has many positive outcomes and advantages, including:

  • A working bite and dental arch
  • Preserving the alignment of the teeth
  • A fuller, younger looking face shape
  • Replacing ill-fitted or temporary dentures and restorative appliances
  • Improving speech hampered by dental prosthetics
  • Completing the appearance of your smile

Dental bridges can replace one or more neighboring teeth, providing sturdy, lasting restoration. Our porcelain materials will help the bridge look natural and blend in with the neighboring teeth. Each appliance is made up of two main portions: the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) and the two dental caps or crowns that serve to anchor the bridge. Our dentists will clean the teeth, removing any infected tissue, before fitting the caps and finishing the procedure. This final bridge will provide results that last for years, with proper maintenance from our Philadelphia dental providers.

If you are looking to get your first dental bridge or need to have an existing bridge replaced or re-cemented, call Advanced Family Smiles at 215-637-7474.