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Anxious About a Tooth Extraction in Philadelphia? Leave Your Fears at Home!

Tooth Extraction Due to Infection

If you are experiencing tooth or jaw pain, a tooth extraction may be necessary. Pain may indicate the presence of an infection, which may require removal of the tooth and treatment of the underlying gum tissue. A tooth infection can be very serious if left untreated; therefore, it is important that you seek the intervention of a dentist immediately at the first sign of symptoms.

For patients who are anxious or have a low tolerance for pain, we offer gentle dentistry solutions that may include sedation dentistry if required to relieve the your stress and anxiety prior to undergoing treatment. If you are experiencing pain in your tooth or jaw, contact us to learn more about our Philadelphia tooth extraction services.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Philadelphia

Another common reason that patients undergo tooth extraction is the painful emergence of the third molar, commonly referred to as a wisdom tooth. Signs of wisdom tooth eruption may include pain in the gums and adjacent teeth, aching jaw, limited mobility of the jaw, and even pain in the neck and shoulder on the affected side.

Philadelphia Tooth Extractions - Wisdom Teeth Removal - Pain ReliefWhen the growth of a wisdom tooth has a negative impact on the other teeth and jaw, wisdom tooth extraction is usually recommended. A thorough consultation is necessary prior to scheduling wisdom tooth extraction. Patients will generally require a numbing agent or a sedative as the procedure can be invasive in some cases.

Our gentle Philadelphia dentists are qualified to remove a painful wisdom tooth while effectively easing your discomfort and anxiety. Schedule a consultation with us for wisdom tooth extraction in Philadelphia today. Painful wisdom teeth should be brought to the attention of a dentist immediately, as infection and crowding or shifting of other teeth may occur if the issue is not addressed in a timely fashion.

Seeking Dental Intervention

The first step towards addressing a possible tooth infection or wisdom tooth issue is to schedule a consultation. The dentist will be able to confirm the origins of your pain and devise a treatment plan to alleviate the symptoms and get your dental health back on track. Having a consultation is important because each patient's case is unique, and downtime will also vary from case to case. Since the beginning of our practice, we have been performing wisdom tooth extractions and any other kind of tooth extraction our patients have needed in Philadelphia. We have the experience and training to carefully and effectively meet your tooth extraction needs in our comfortable, patient-focused environment.

Questions About Tooth Extractions? Ready to Schedule a Tooth Extraction with our Philadelphia Dentists?

Whether you're a referring doctor, or a patient, we are ready to answer your questions about tooth extraction. Please contact usif you have questions, or if you would like to request an appointment. We look forward to your visit!

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