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Root Canal Treatment in Philadelphia - Eliminate Severe Tooth Pain Today

Sudden trauma, extensive tooth decay, and tooth infection are the most common instances for treatment with root canal therapy. The team of Philadelphia dentists at Advanced Family Smiles and American Dental Associates can effectively alleviate tooth pain and save infection and damaged teeth with root canal therapy.

Treatment for damaged teeth begins with a comprehensive exam, a full set of X-rays, and an evaluation of any existing medical conditions. The root canal experts at our Philadelphia dental office are able to implement the initial steps of healing as soon as possible, especially in cases of emergency or tooth pain due to extensive decay.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

The term “root canal” usually makes most patients wince. The truth is that root canals are more comfortable than most people think, if performed by an experienced professional. Often, because root canals are performed in instances of severe decay, the nerves within the teeth are damaged and are not receptive, which means patients do not feel any discomfort. Our Philadelphia restorative dentists begin by numbing your mouth to ensure that you are comfortable while being treated. Most patients equate the root canal experience with that of receiving a standard filling. The next steps of treatment are as follows:

• The dentist accesses the pulp of the teeth by creating a hole in the tooth
• The infected pulp is removed using small files
• Water is used to effectively clear out any remaining debris
• In the case of some infections, our Philadelphia dentist may apply an anti-infection medication and create a temporary seal on the tooth so proper healing can take place
• As a last step, the tooth is permanently filled and sealed

What are the Benefits of Getting a Root Canal?

Root canals provide beneficial treatment for patients who are experiencing severe tooth infection or decay that has spread past a tooth’s roots and has taken over the nerves and pulp inside teeth. Treatment with a root canal protects tooth structure and allows the patient to retain their teeth while negating the need for extractions and costly tooth replacement. With a root canal from our Philadelphia dental office, patients can get the tooth-saving treatment they need to improve their oral health.

How Do I Know if I Need Root Canal Therapy?

Prolonged periods of tooth pain are typically what lead most people to the dentist where treatment with a root canal is recommended. General symptoms of severe decay can include visible infections around the surrounding teeth, darkened teeth, increased tooth sensitivity, and swelling around the gums. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact our Philadelphia dental practices to see if root canal therapy can help alleviate your pain and save your teeth.

Get Rid of Tooth Pain and Save Your Teeth!

Root Canal Treatment in Philadelphia - Eliminate Severe Tooth Pain TodayOur Philadelphia team of restorative dentists can get you evaluated right away to begin the necessary treatment to save your teeth and get your oral health back into top shape. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and find out if root canal therapy can help you.

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